The Pharma Microbiology Congress is the European evolution of the Italian “Days of Microbiology”, born 11 years ago with the aim of creating an annual meeting where the community of microbiology experts and pharma professionals share last updates on regulatory trends, innovative technologies and the best practices applied to the manufacturing and control of sterile API and medicinal products.


       The Days of Microbiology was born in 2008 by the will of the PEC direction to set up a periodic appointment for the pharmaceutical and medical device employees on the topic of microbiology applied to pharmaceutical processes. The first edition had as main focus the new rapid technologies that at the time were beginning to spread in the companies and there was a strong need for confrontation and discussion.

        Since the first edition the content of the days had aroused interest and appreciation among the professionals of the pharmaceutical Italian companies. Over time, the focus has expanded to themes not only related to microbiological alternative controls but also to other innovative technologies that supported and strengthened the sterility Assurance of processes and also to topics related with regulatory aspects, best practices, inspection trends and more.

        The days have grown over time, enriching themselves with Institutional Speakers, Opinion Leaders and Experts in pharmaceutical microbiology, case studies, roundtables, networking moments and exhibition of new technologies, becoming an appointment very appreciated for the professional updating.